The Book of Grace

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Company One

Spring 2011

Directed by David Wheeler and Lewis Wheeler

Scene Design by Erik Diaz

Lighting Design by Ken Helvig

Costume Design by Tristan Raines

Projection Design by Jason Weber

Music and Sound Design by David Wilson

All music © David Wilson 2006-2016 All Rights Reserved

Buddy, the estranged son of Vet, a border patrol officer in South Texas returns home to confront his father after a ten year separation. Vet has been remarried to Grace, a meek, wide- eyed waitress. An optimist who secretly compiles the “Book of Grace” containing newspaper clippings, photographs and stories that provide “the evidence of good things.” As Vet patrols the border fence at the perimeter of the stage, Buddy contemplates revenge and explosives, while Grace testifies to the daily miracles that fuels her passion for life and hope for humanity.

Opening Cue

Each in their own world, they are discovered. Vet is on the border, patrolling the fence in a desolate landscape, Grace in the diner, testifiying to the small miracles of life, Buddy stands in his bomb-filled vest.

Grace: There’s a lot of good in the world

Vet: It’s all about Us and Them

Buddy: I can’t forgive what he’s done. What he’s done to me. No way

Grace: You just gotta look for it. The good. You just gotta look.

Vet: That’s why borders are good. They keep us contained

Buddy: I can’t forget it, but I could forgive it. Forgiving it will depend on him