a dream play

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Boston Playwrights Theater

Spring 2012

Directed by Judy Braha

Scene Design by Jon Savage

Lighting Design by John Malinowski

Costume Design by Molly Trainer

Music and Sound Design by David Wilson

All music © David Wilson 2006-2016 All Rights Reserved

In the midst of the Armenian genocide, two women are forced on a death march with their 10 children. The two women lose all their children in the journey, and carry their unbearable burden the rest of their lives.

Based on true events taken from the author’s family history, Deported, a dream play transports the characters thru 100 years of life, death, and all of that which is past forgiving.

Opening Cue

A dry, dusty string instrument provides the theme, drifting memories of ancestors singing, crying, a baby in distress, the sounds of the wind and the river recall the journey, a woman sings a song without words.