Bad Dates

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Shakespeare and Co     

Winter 2009

Merrimack Repertory Theater

Spring 2009

Directed by Adrianne Krstansky

Scene Design by Susan Zeeman Rogers

Lighting Design by Matthew Miller

Costume Design by Jen Trembley and Deb Newhall

Music and Sound Design by David Wilson

All music © David Wilson 2006-2016 All Rights Reserved

Bad Dates

A hilarious and touching comedy about a single mother with a teenage daughter, a stressful job, and a few hundred pairs of shoes. Our heroine Haley Walker is trying to find love in the big city. Amidst her tales of rotten romance are side trips to a Tibetan Buddhist’s charity event, a doppleganger named Mildred Pierce, and the Romanian mob, who all endeavor to get in the way of her finding “Mr. Right.” The music created for this production is a light and frothy mix of latin rhythms that energize and propel the story.


A bright, up-tempo number to bring us into Haley’s world


End Scene 2

Out on another date... This one seems promising

End of Scene 4

Life going out of control, on the Lam.....

End Scene 1

Haley going out on a blind date

End of Act 1

And another date, with trepidation...

End of Show

Underscoring as Haley recaps her night at the police station, and the miraculous return of the Bug Guy, perhaps her knight has finally arrived...

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